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Sierra G.


In the summer of 2016, a lemonade stand was held. It was decided that the lemonade would be free, but donations would be accepted. Those donations went where? You guessed it! The profits were set aside for the start of dreamBIG4kids!

Gretchen G.



1. Buy items

     -All of the items come from a variety of places; some are ordered online while others are bought in stores 

​2. Package items into animal bag

​3. Drop off kits at local foster housing facility

     -The local facility is where most local foster kids go when being sent to a new home. There, they will get placed with the foster kids by the facility.  

4. Kits get placed with younger foster kids who are transitioning to a new home 

5. Hope is made when the kids open the bags

6. Repeat! We need your help to make this last step possible! Donate by clicking our "Contact Us" tab where you'll see our GoFundMe link! 


We are always graciously accepting donations to help fund making the kits. The money you donate will always be for giving foster kids hope! If you'd like to help our team, please visit www.gofundme.com or our Facebook page for more information!

Jim G. is rich in family having grown up with 5 other siblings and is lucky to have 5 children of his own now.  While he does not have any spare time due to the 5 children, he enjoys the fine art of teasing and pranking his children while  enjoying every minute of watching them grow into caring, respectful children.  


In my whole life, which has not been a long time, my family has been though many different things. We've jumped through hoops to be able to foster my siblings, who are now adopted. We spent around 4-5 years trying to make our home, their forever home. Me and my family went from being a total of four, to seven in a matter of a few years. There's definitely more noise, running, and chaos, but I wouldn't change a single thing, because along with the craziness, there's more laughs, smiles, and happiness in general.

I wanted to start dreamBIG4kids a few months ago, after writing a poem based on foster care. While writing the poem, I was exposed to many new things about the process a foster kid goes through when transitioning to a new home. Since they are suddenly taken away, they don't have time to pack everything they want. A few clothes, a couple of toys, and maybe a prized possession gets tossed into a trash bag or some cheap bin. The bag/bin gets shipped off along with the kid. The kit we have made is there to let the child know there's someone who has their back and wants to make the first night better at a new home. Each object in the bag has a special purpose so we can complete that goal. A flashlight for when times get dark, a stuffed animal to always protect you, and so much more! I'm so fortunate to be apart of this process and I want to give a huge thanks for my team! Check them out below!

Gretchen G. is a proud mom of five fantastic, energetic children.  Three of the children were adopted from the foster care system, fulfilling a life long dream of hers.  In her spare time she works as a neuropsychologist specializing in helping children with special needs realize their full potential.


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      At dreamBIG4kids, we aim to make the first 24 hours at a new foster home less scary and an easier transition. We work with foster kids who need to be reminded that someone is there for them; that they're not alone in the process!


Jim G.