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FAQ's stands for frequently asked questions. On this page you'll see questions that are commonly asked, along with the answers underneath them. If your question isn't on this list, feel free to contact us. We'll hopefully get back to you within a few days!

​​Q: What is dreambig4kids?

A: dreambig4kids is a non-profit organization that wants to give hope to foster kids during their first night at a new home. We make bags called "Kits for Kids" that we then donate to a foster program, who then give the kits to foster kids during their first stay. Our first night bag is called "Sweet Dreams"; we hope to expand to more kits in the future.

Q: What do the kits contain?

A: ​The Sweet Dreams kit contains: 

- One Webkinz stuffed animal

- One toothbrush

-A "Sweet Dreams" packet

​-One flashlight

​-One book

Q: What are the meanings of the objects in the kits?

A: Meanings:

-A Webkinz to remind you you're never alone

-A toothbrush to help you find your smile

​-A flashlight to light up the dark times

-A "Sweet Dreams" packet to help you find the good dreams

​-And a book to help remind you love is everywhere!

Q: ​In what way do the kits help make the transition night easier?

A: The purpose of the kits is to comfort the foster kid when it's time for bed, because wouldn't it be scary to fall asleep in a strangers house alone or with other strangers? The kits make the night easier by containing things that would help make the child feel more protected like a flashlight, a stuffed animal, etc. Each thing in the bag also has a "special" purpose. The flashlight being for when you need light during a dark part of your life, a toothbrush to help you find your smile, and so many more! 

Q: Where can I donate?

A: ​If you click on the 'Contact Us' tab, you can get more information there about donating. We will have a GoFundMe page up soon with a goal amount. We thank you for your help in advance! 

Q: How did you get this idea of making the kits?

A: One day while I was driving home with my mom, we started a conversation about helping people. I've always wanted to find a way to help foster kids, the kids who don't get enough support, but I didn't know how a young teenager could do anything important. So, while we were talking, we each said some ideas we had that could benefit the community. One idea lead to another, until we thought of kits that could make foster kids feel better. Ever since, we've built more and more onto the idea.